Micro Peristaltic Pump

300-550ml/min DIY Peristaltic Liquid Pump Dosing Pump for Aquarium Lab Analytical PharMed BPT Tubing Pump for AutoAnalyzer Media dispensers

  • Model:JWP60
  • Voltage:DC 12V
  • Flow:300-550ml/min
  • Motor:GDC
  • Product description: Mini peristaltic pump Micro flow 300-550ml/min Biochemical analysis pharmaceutical pump 12V DC small pump Mini self-priming pump

Product name: JWP60 DC deceleration peristaltic pump

Application :

JWP60 DC peristaltic pump is widely used in experiments, biochemical analysis, pharmacy, fine chemicals, bioengineering, pharmaceutical filling, food, paper industry, ceramics, water treatment, environmental protection, powder and other fields.

Product parameters:

1. Transparent cover

2. The number of rollers can be customized

3. Replace the motor as needed

4. Applicable power supply: DC 12V/24V

5. Flow range: 300-550ML/MIN (adjustable) can change different sizes of tubes

6. Working environment: temperature 5-50℃, relative humidity <80%

9.Weight: 0.28 Kg

10. The pump head is designed for easy disassembly, which is easy to clean and maintain