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Application of Peristaltic Pump in Food Industry

Application of Peristaltic Pump in Food Industry

Product Description

1.In order to ensure the sterility and accuracy in the food production process, the aseptic conditions of liquid filling and the high precision of the transmission volume are the most basic requirements of the food industry. The micro peristaltic pump solves the problems in the entire production process for the special requirements of production.

2.The peristaltic pump is mainly used for the transmission and filling of various liquids. It does not directly contact the pumped liquid and can transmit liquids of various viscosities to ensure that the liquid is not contaminated and food safety.

3.The peristaltic pump is simple to operate, using food-grade pump tubing, and the tubing is easy to replace. Our direct connection design and single-use fluid lines eliminate cross-contamination and reduce downtime.

4.The flow range of the peristaltic pump: 0-1800ml/min. Small size, accuracy range 0.5%-1%.



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